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This special double issue of Social Text reassesses the political utility of the term queer. The mainstreaming of gay and lesbian identity—as a mass-mediated consumer lifestyle and an embattled legal category—demands a renewal of queer studies that also considers the global crises of the late twentieth century. These crises, which are shaping national manifestations of sexual, racial, and gendered hierarchies, include the ascendance and triumph of neoliberalism; the clash of religious fundamentalisms, nationalisms, and patriotisms; and the return to “moral values” and “family values” as deterrents to political debate, economic redistribution, and cultural dissent.
Staging intersubjectivity_ Queer theory, queer theatre, Tony Kushner and _Angels in America_.pdf
Staging intersubjectivity_ Queer theory, queer theatre, Tony Kushner and _Angels in America_
如爱之法 Law Like Love, Queer Perspectives on Law.pdf
For a long time the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trasngendered community in India have shared a troubled relationship with the law. After all, homosexuality was a criminal offence punishable with life imprisonment until two years ago. But since the historic judgment in the Naz Foundation case reading down Section 377 of the IPC on July 2, 2009, queer groups have become more visible and active in the social sphere.

With the landmark Delhi High Court victory in July 2009, sexuality and the law entered mainstream, legal and public discourse in India inviting both celebration and resistance. How do we understand this conversation? The July judgement stands on the shoulders of a much longer history, argue the writers in this contemporary and critical volume on queering the law. A longer history that shapes, unsettles and challenges both legal and queer histories and begins new conversations on the intersections between bodies, politics, activism, sexuality, identity and law. Some playful,
斯堪的纳维亚的刑罚与同性恋 Criminally queer, homosexuality and criminal law in Scandinavia, 1842-1999.pdf
This book provides a coherent history of criminal law and homosexuality in Scandinavia 1842-1999, a period during which same-sex love was outlawed or subject to more or less severe legal restrictions in the Scandinavian penal codes. This was the case in most countries in Northern Europe, but the book argues that the development in Scandinavia was different, partly determined by the structure of the welfare state. Five of the most experienced scholars of the history of homosexuality in the region (Jens Rydström, Kati Mustola, Wilhelm von Rosen, Martin Skaug Halsos and Thorgerdur Thorvaldsdóttir) describe how same-sex desire has been regulated in their respective countries during the past 160 years. The authors with their backgrounds in history, sociology, and gender studies represent an interdisciplinary approach to the problem of criminalization of same-sex sexuality. Their contributions, consisting for the most part of previously unpublished material, present for the first time a com
TeQueer Art JohnhopeFrAnklin CenterBookFailureTe Queer Art ofJudith HalberstamDuke university press 
The Queer Art of Failure.pdf
TeQueer Art JohnhopeFrAnklin CenterBookFailureTe Queer Art ofJudith HalberstamDuke university press 
Sexuality Under the Influence The Queer Pleasures of Illicit Drugs in Transatlantic Gay and Lesbian.pdf
CALIFORNIARIVERSIDE Sexuality Under QueerPleasure IllicitDrugs TransatlanticGay LesbianCulture Disse
Suspended Nameless in the Limbo State Neoliberalism and Queer Caribbean Diasporas.pdf
CALIFORNIARIVERSIDE “Suspended Nameless LimboState”: Neoliberalism QueerCaribbean Diasporas Disserta
Aesthetics of the Surface Post-1960s Latin American Queer Rewritings of the Baroque.pdf
Surface:Post-1960s Latin American Queer Rewritings JacquelineBialostozky dissertationsubmitted parti
Promotoras en Accion The Discursive and Pedagogical Practices of Latina Immigrants Doing Queer.pdf
CALIFORNIALos Angeles Promotoras en Accon: PedagogicalPractices LatinaImmigrants Doing Queer Advocac